Masterclasses for Footwear Industry Professionals


                                                             Two days / 16 contact hours

This course provides a thorough grounding in the application of biomechanics to sports shoe design and engineering, suitable for those new to the industry or seeking a refresher on the current state of the art. Topics include biomechanical principles related to footwear function, the measurement of functional needs and their application to product design and engineering. In addition to class time, the course includes laboratory demonstrations and Q&A sessions. The accompanying course book provided to all attendees includes notes on all the topics covered, plus additional details, example data and design templates.


I. Background
   i. The Human Machine
   ii. Force and Motion
   iii. Biological Materials
   iv. Injury Mechanisms
II. Feet
   i. Foot and Ankle Morphology
   ii. Lower Extremity Function
III. Shoes
   i. Functional Goals - performance, protection and perception
   ii. Traction and Performance
   iii. Stability and Agility
   iv. Flexibility & Performance
   v. Cushioning and Comfort

IV. Footwear Evaluation
   i. Mechanical Methods
   ii. Biomechanical Methods
   iii. Psychophysical Methods
   iv. Wear Tests

V. General Applications
   i. Assessment of functional requirements
   ii. From data to design
   iii. Gender and age specific requirements

VI. Specific Applications
   i. Lasts, Fit & Comfort
   ii. Sole geometry
   iii. Gait - Walking and running
   iv. Lateral movement sports
       (Tennis, Basketball)
   v. Field sports and cleats
      (football, soccer, baseball)

                                          All courses are limited to a maximum of ten participants